An  intimate view of a world we seldom experience

This sensual thriller takes you on a sensual and exotic journey to present day Cuba where three young Havanese outcasts find each other as they long to find their place in a world that will not have them. As they clash and bond; search and withdraw; love and despise the sensual undercurrents of desire and passion mingle with the crisis of surviving in an inhospitable world. While the outer story recounts the literal struggle for a place to live, the powerful through-line of the story shows us a universal plight of those who mange to rise above the conformity around them. In the world of the heart, our heroes tower above their environment and speak a language inaudible to those around them – just like Giraffes. 

GENRE: erotic thriller /  DIRECTOR: Kiki Alvarez / 94 minutes / Spanish

"It takes a brave man to make Lebanon's first gay-themed commercial feature. "Out Loud," helmer Samer Dabouland his cast are to be commended for their conviction and the palpable camaraderie onscreen."  ..."the characters, consisting of six friends, gay and straight, wanting to forge a new fellowship, have a winsome appeal"

--- Variety Review by Jay Weissberg

Bittersweet, high-energy, suspenseful and touching are the adjectives that come to mind watching  this highly entertaining and original movie coming out of  exotic and picturesque Lebanon. The movie carries a powerful message as it confronts the issue of LGBT relationships and free love in the Middle East. 

Powerful soundtrack by Emmy winner Christopher Brady.

"Making of" documentary included.

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Read the Article from The Mantle  ("...there is no movie like Out Loud ever made in the Middle East.")

GENRE: LGBT / DIRECTOR: Samer Daboul / 98 minutes / HD / Arabic with English Subtitles

The Making of Out Loud is much more than a behind-the-scenes look at the myriad difficulties faced by the cast and crew of the Muslim world’s first commercial gay feature, Out Loud. This thought provoking, well researched look at the discrimination and outright persecution faced today by gays and lesbians in Muslim countries serves as a strong reminder of how precious Western gay rights gains are, as well as how much work remains to be done, especially in the face of many organized religions’ intolerance of the gay community.

GENRE: Documentary / DIRECTOR: Samer Daboul / 53 minutes / HD / English and Arabic with English Subtitles

A story of passion, love, and murder spanning the cultural Revolution to the present day. Mark, a New York psychologist, suffers from nightmares. Driven by the horrifying images he visits an old mansion in Shanghai. The mansion reveals new layers of a family mystery and a horrifying act that took place there long ago.  Mark’s hallucinations focus on a strange symbol and lead him to a plastic surgeon called the Master of Illusion. At the same time, Old Charlie, a detective haunted by the decades old murder, hopes Mark’s visions will lead him to the missing body.

Mark’s fiancée, a biology professor, discovers a gene that has an extraordinary effect on artists, designers and plastic surgeons, transporting them to another realm. Gradually the connections among the symbol, the mansion, and the rare gene are revealed. But Mark’s life slowly falls apart as his obsession with discovering meanings reveals the shocking family secret and brutal crime.

GENRE: Thriller, LGBT, Paranormal /  DIRECTOR: Qian Jiayu / 90 minutes / Mandarin