An animated series for the whole family!
This charming and utterly entertaining animated series features a clever pink monkey and a pirate who has a great obsession for ‘gherkin pickles’.
When our castaway pirate lands on an uninhabited island with a fortune of looted pickle jars and a monkey goddess statue, adventures ensue when the monkey goddess springs to life. Incredible new events unfold as surprising new characters appear at various exotic places around the island.
The budding friendship between the monkey and pirate is delightfully written as are the small tales of misadventure and fun. Their explorations are filled with unpredictable twists and turns leading them into a friendship that teaches us; it's better to face the world together!


Animated series / comedy / 11 x 11 minutes / no text / HD



Fun family comedy in the spirit of Bad News Bears or Mighty Ducks, set in the highly competitive world of high school swimming.  

ALL FOR ONE is a rousing sports comedy about an unconventional coach who guides an underdog team to victory. 

Jack Wright, a perpetual undergrad who abandoned the world of swimming to pursue a career as a mediocre stand­up comic is pushed by his father into taking a coaching job at a local school. The only catch is that there is barely a team there to coach, nor is there a pool in which to train. Making matters worse, Jack's dad is his chief competition because he coaches the regional champs,  a team with a flawless record, a lavish Olympic­ size pool, and a raft of sponsors.  

While no stand­up comic, Jack turns out to be a stand­up guy. In short order, he assembles a ragtag team  of swimmers with questionable talent but more than  enough heart, finds a 'past­ its­ prime' pool for  practice and, motivated by spite and spirit, sets out to beat his father, both in and out of the pool. 

To their mutual surprise, Jack turns out to be a really good coach, one whose irreverent style and carefree attitude leads his underdog team to victory.




MELISSA ARCHER, One Life to Live on ABC

Sports Comedy / Family / USA / HD / in English




Classic and timeless. For all ages. 

A multiple award winning 2015 Berlinale  & TIFF Official Selection

This mesmerizing adventure of magic, love and loyalty begins with the birth of a tiny white camel, born under the camel-shaped cloud which brings good luck. The beautiful family who own this "Celestial Camel" must sell him to a movie producer in order to raise money for their newborn baby -- a severe drought has made life difficult, drastic measures must be taken. When the baby camel is sold, its mother seizes the first opportunity to run away to find her baby. The family's twelve-year-old son, Bayir sets out on a mission to bring back the mother-camel. He meets kind and evil people along his journey and the summoners of rain, a disciple of Lama, help him on the way. This fantastic journey is shot in the most breathtaking landscapes of the Mongolian Steppe adding an ethereal dimension to the picture.Life and love prevail in sometimes harsh circumstances as long as we continue to follow our hearts.

Celestial Camel is a universal story that touches the heart and soul of everyone who sees it.

Family / Adventure / 90 min / Russian / 4K - HD 

Jenny, a combative and rebellious teen is headed down a troubled path when her father decides something drastic must be done to save her. Unwilling to speak and feeling isolated in the middle of chaotic Los Angeles, her father intervenes by sending her to Thailand to live with her grandmother. Jenny feels imprisoned in the tiny, remote village until she meets Boonrod, a shunned, peasant boy whose best friend is the family water buffalo. Their unlikely friendship blossoms as the two outcasts team up to save the beloved animal by entering it into a spectacular local contest. This incredible adventure has echoes of "The Karate Kid" and "Seabiscuit," telling a timeless story of the small and the voiceless battling against all odds. The first feature film to showcase the thrilling sport of buffalo racing.

Family /Adventure / 94 min. / English & Thai with English subtitles




In the tradition of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Alfonso Cuarón, and Guillermo del Toro  

The story of Juana, an eleven-year-old girl, is deeply rooted in the traditions of magical Latin-American realism, inviting vivid fantasies into story telling. Juana comes from a very special family; they have the ability to transform into animals. 

She discovers this the day her mother transforms into a parrot. Juana has three days to transform her mother back to human form otherwise she will stay a parrot forever. Her uncle, her grandmother  and a group of friends from school set out to try to  rescue the parrot mom. 

They are racing against  time when the appearance of a mysterious  character further complicates matters. The story is set against the backdrop of the picturesque coast of Argentina, inviting us to look beyond  our ordinary reality.  

As a conjurer of magic, "My Mother is a Parrot" breaks all genre and character stereotypes and makes us reflect on who we are while reminding us that it is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.

Family / Fantasy / 81 min / in Spanish / HD

Directed by Ulrika Bengts, director of Finland's 2013 Oscar contender, The Disciple.

A classical movie with a progressive message: "Life doesn't have to be either-or, it can be both." 

A hauntingly beautiful and unusual coming-of-age tale, filmed on 35mm. The acting and directing matches the high quality of the writing. Touching, yet not overly emotional, it draws you in from the first moment and transports you to 1890 with IRIS, who, abandoned by her artist mother, discovers the joys of friendship and family on a remote island.It's a story of the human condition and how even deep prejudices can be overcome by the simple act of kindness and the willingness to strive for individuality. 

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GENRE: Family / DIRECTOR: Ulrika Bengts / 81 minutes / 35 mm / Swedish with English Subtitles


An Ecological Animation Film

The First "Multi-platform" Property on the Topic of the Environment It is just before Christmas in the village of Hart's Landing and an ominous shadow threatens to cast darkness over the tiny town. A wealthy businessman without scruples, is building a gigantic Department Store smack in the middle of the village. With a thousand tricks up his sleeve, nothing appears to be able to stop him. Buy, Buy, always Buy seems to be his favorite refrain. Walter and Tandoori are quick to realize the underhanded and unsound nature of this venture! Indeed, nothing seems to go right any longer: deterioration of water and air quality, sudden changes in behavior of citizens for the worse!

The challenge that awaits our hero is immense and the clock is ticking. Walter must restore the peace and harmony of village life to Hart's Landing in time for Christmas..

GENRE:  Animated Feature / Family / Christmas 81 min / English, Spanish, French, Portuguese / HD


The timeless classic and eternally beloved story of pure and idealistic love.

Few works so completely capture a universal aspect of human experience the way Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” captures pure and idealistic love. Few works have lasted in time and been so beloved that they are refreshed with each generation. Look at popular music charts and references will abound. Look at school productions and the play will be there. Here now is the story expressed in stunning animation in an age sensitive portrayal aimed at pre and young teen audiences (8 to 16). We forget sometimes that Shakespeare’s Juliet was thirteen years old and Romeo not much older. “Romeo and Juliet” fills any family oriented line-up and amply fills the role of beloved classic.

GENRE: animation /  DIRECTOR: Brian Cass / 94 minutes / English


"A Boy, a Pirate and an Elf save Christmas"

A delightfully heartwarming and charming Christmas movie centering around the life of an Asian American family in Hollywood. Charlie, a young boy from China travels all the way from Shanghai to find his father's restaurant in Hollywood is in trouble. He must convince 3 people to believe in the Spirit of Christmas in order to save his family's dream. This Multi-Award Winning, Family Christmas Comedy will bring your entire family together and includes musical numbers with Bertie Higgins, the beloved US recording artist and concert performer in all the Pacific Rim countries, most notably mainland China.He is best known for his multiple platinum hits,"Casablanca" and "Key Largo". 4k delivery and a Mandarin Chinese version are available!

GENRE:  Family / Christmas 84 min / English / HD, 4k 2014


Enter the wondrous world of Belle, an 8 year old American girl new to the South of France, who dreams of becoming a Ballerina.

Throughout her adventures and along with her new friends from the dance school, the audience will be introduced to ballet steps and classical music from the most famous ballets of all time.  

A charming, entertaining and educational series aiming at young female audiences.

Come along and dream with Belle! 

Live action TV series / ballet / educational  13 X 11 minutes / USA - France / in English / HD



Kid, by his own account "the best pilot in the universe," travels around space as he pleases. His spaceship has had a special upgrade: using a "power crystal," a material unknown to the people of Earth, it can now go into warp drive. Somewhere in the Universe in the direction of the North Star, 2.215349331 billion light years from the Earth, during Kid’s test flight, the warp drive fails mysteriously and he has to make an emergency landing on an unknown planet. He meets seal-like aliens and an ancient scientist, discovering the dangerous project in the works on this planet… .

GENRE: anime /  DIRECTOR: Chihiro Matsumoto / 49 minutes / Japanese