Multiple award winning and critically acclaimed COLD OF KALANDAR masterfully conjures a unique pastoral atmosphere lovingly nesting the story of Mehmet and his family inside it. Mehmet lives in a mountain village near the Black Sea, far from modern life. He earns a living by breeding his few animals. He also passionately looks for mineral reserves on the mountains, even though his family finds this this pursuit useless. His efforts in vain, his hope is renewed by a competition. Mehmet enters the family's only bull in a prize fight in a nearby town. His hopes are dashed and the event is a total loss. As he confronts yet another desperate situation, now ready to surrender, fate unexpectedly rewards him.

This is a masterful and emotionally compelling portrait of struggle, hardship and beauty. The story treats the interconnection of nature, animals and human beings, lifting the everyday, simple events into the realm of the sublime and the universal.

COLD OF KALANDAR was made from the heart and it speaks directly into our souls while teaching us that hope is eternal even in our darkest hour.

Art-house / Drama / 2015 / Turkish / 4K



Following in the footsteps of the grand masters of Russian filmmaking, Tarkovsky, Bondarchuk Zvyagintsev, Konchalovsky and Nikita Mikhalkov, director Aleksey Muradov has created a gripping, heart wrenching, epic story of vast proportions spanning time from 1920 through to 2017.

1920. Southern Russia. The brother.
An army commander returns home. Out of jealousy, he kills his brother and his beloved woman, the mother of his son. The commander is left with the baby in his arms.

1942. Eastern Byelorussia. The son. In the woods lives an old man with his 12-year-old granddaughter. The commander of a partisan brigade brings his infant son to an old men's house putting it in their care. The baby cries and screams incessantly. In trying to calm him, the child girl living in the house discovers the feeling of motherhood. When the partisans return, she escapes into the woods with the baby.

1996. Northern Caucasus. The bride. Somewhere at an abandoned highway crossing lives a girl. War has taken everything from her: family, hope, sense.Near her house a wounded soldier hides, exhausted from war. But there will be no new life for these two.

2017. Ukraine. The mother. A woman returns home from war to her children to find her village has been bombed and burned and her children are dead. Is there any hope left in this God-forgotten world of ours?

1920. Southern Russia. The brothers. Perhaps everything could have been different? What if the commander had not pulled that trigger in the 1920s?


War / Epic / History / 107min / 4K / Russian




Fun family comedy in the spirit of Bad News Bears or Mighty Ducks, set in the highly competitive world of high school swimming.  

ALL FOR ONE is a rousing sports comedy about an unconventional coach who guides an underdog team to victory. 

Jack Wright, a perpetual undergrad who abandoned the world of swimming to pursue a career as a mediocre stand­up comic is pushed by his father into taking a coaching job at a local school. The only catch is that there is barely a team there to coach, nor is there a pool in which to train. Making matters worse, Jack's dad is his chief competition because he coaches the regional champs,  a team with a flawless record, a lavish Olympic­ size pool, and a raft of sponsors.  

While no stand­up comic, Jack turns out to be a stand­up guy. In short order, he assembles a ragtag team  of swimmers with questionable talent but more than  enough heart, finds a 'past­ its­ prime' pool for  practice and, motivated by spite and spirit, sets out to beat his father, both in and out of the pool. 

To their mutual surprise, Jack turns out to be a really good coach, one whose irreverent style and carefree attitude leads his underdog team to victory.




MELISSA ARCHER, One Life to Live on ABC

Sports Comedy / Family / USA / HD / in English



Dedicated to all struggling with autism

This deeply touching story revolves around Daniel, a young child with autism. Upon the discovery of their child's diagnosis, Alina and Razlan's world crumbles as they struggle to confront the harsh realities of raising a child effected by a condition they hardly knew about. Razlan's inability to accept the truth causes friction within the family, but Alina's perseverance and maternal instinct carry them through the challenging times raising Daniel. With her sister and a close friend by her side, they may have found a way to improve Daniel's quality of life until a tragic accident causes the family to re-think its strategy.

Beautiful Pain/Redha gives voice to the families who struggle to help and understand a beloved family member with autism.

Official Selection for the 2017 Academy Awards by Malaysia

Drama / 115 min / 4K / Malaysian


A cutting edge parody starring Denise Richards, Julia Faye West with Mike Tyson

Anyone who has ever watched a reality show, has seen Paris Hilton, the Kardashians or similar, will be highly entertained by this witty parody of social media celebs and reality television stars. Our young beauty London's life is a self-indulgent fantasy whirlwind of partying, mansions, yachts, private jets, pet psychics and a celebrity posse. Then, after a drunken fall puts her in the hospital, she sets out to steal back the limelight from her reality television arch-rivals, the Kim sisters. Are these celebs-for-no-reason marketing geniuses, or are they just the accidental beneficiaries of the public's stupidity? London hopes to set them straight in this hilarious, from-the-headlines, comedy.

Provocative. Unconventional. Funny, clever and inventive.

Parody / Comedy / 84min / 2017 / 4K



Classic and timeless. For all ages. 

 A multiple award winning 2015 Berlinale  & TIFF Official Selection

This mesmerizing adventure of magic, love and loyalty begins with the birth of a tiny white camel, born under the camel-shaped cloud which brings good luck. The beautiful family who own this "Celestial Camel" must sell him to a movie producer in order to raise money for their newborn baby -- a severe drought has made life difficult, drastic measures must be taken. When the baby camel is sold, its mother seizes the first opportunity to run away to find her baby. The family's twelve-year-old son, Bayir sets out on a mission to bring back the mother-camel. He meets kind and evil people along his journey and the summoners of rain, a disciple of Lama, help him on the way. This fantastic journey is shot in the most breathtaking landscapes of the Mongolian Steppe adding an ethereal dimension to the picture.Life and love prevail in sometimes harsh circumstances as long as we continue to follow our hearts.

Celestial Camel is a universal story that touches the heart and soul of everyone who sees it.

Family / Adventure / 90 min / Russian / 4K - HD & 35mm


On the hot topic of teen bullying

Shattered by the death of her mother, Jenny becomes withdrawn and combative. Deciding she will never speak again Jenny descends into a tormented and isolated world even in the midst of big city life in Los Angeles. Her American father, at a loss to help sends her to live with her Thai grand-mother in a small Thai village. Jenny feels she is in prison until she meets Boonrod, a peasant boy shunned by his village, whose only friend is his water buffalo.  

Jenny sets out to defend the boy against his tormentors only to realize that the pair will never prevail until they win the town's respect. To do this, Boonrod must overcome impossible odds to win the annual buffalo race - a death-defying bareback sprint astride charging bulls.

With echoes of "The Karate Kid" and "Seabiscuit," BUFFALO RIDER is a new take on the timeless story of the small and the voiceless winning against all odds.

The first feature film to showcase the thrilling sport of buffalo racing.        

A USA production
Family/ Adventure / 94min/ HD/ English & Thai




Contemporary version of García Lorca's masterpiece, featuring Academy Award winner Miriam Díaz Aroca of La Belle Époque

YERMA is a gorgeous visual juxtaposition of the Andalusian culture of Lorca's play and modern London High Society.

This timeless story has been transported into contemporary London where the central character, the beautiful Eva, and her ambitious husband still have no children after 4 years of marriage. Eva is becoming increasingly obsessed with her inability to become a mother and yet she is conflicted by the responsibility and honor she has to the institution of marriage.

The suspenseful and stunningly filmed thriller culminates in a shocking ending. Created in memory of Spanish poet/playwright Federico García Lorca on the 80th anniversary of his assassination by dictator Francisco Franco. 

Thriller / Film Adaptation of Literary Masterpiece / Arthouse / 90min / English and Spanish Language versions available / HD and 4K



Screen adaptation of a classical gem of Argentinian literature.
n award winning story by Silvina Ocampo

Director Daniel Rosenfeld (Winner of Best New Director Award at the Venice Film Festival) has successfully brought Silvina Ocampo's disturbing strangeness to film, making it a sublime, stylish and hypnotic exploration of the magical realm from which all art originates: the domain of the in-between, the space between two notes, the crack where light gets in.

Beautiful and fragile Cornelia returns to her supposedly empty Alice in Wonderland-like childhood home.  As the mirrors begin reflecting her multiple personalities, lovers mysteriously appear one by one as if wanting to keep her from entering the other side from where there is no return.

The filmmaker manages to stay true to the original concept of the writer who intends the viewer to be co-creator in this suspenseful tale of love, longing, destiny and redemption. As if by magic, when Cornelia looks into the mirror, we see our own psyche in the reflections.

Literary Adaptation/ Arthouse / 103 minutes/ HD/ Spanish with English subtitles




Action / Adventure/War / Sci fi / Fantasy / Animation + Live Action

Action-packed unique blend of animation and live action tells the story of the final battle of the enemy tribes of Star Wars like futuristic creatures for the only source of their survival: THE OASIS. 

Skilled warrior Motega must use his wits and agility to overcome the Andowaga tribe, who threaten their existence. Then the Dragon is brought into the battle...

The story is powerfully told through images and ambient action in the hyper realistic video game style.

No language / HD / 2016 



The Latino "Sex in the City"

World famous fashion photographer, Pedro Del Santo takes us behind the scenes in the high-stake world of fashion in this whirlwind comedy of romance, dreams and betrayals.

In Paranoid Girls, three women (Ana, Paula and Veronica) become fascinated by modeling and the exciting life that it offers. Quickly however, they discover the dark side hidden behind the fame and glamour of the spotlights. The women experience downfall as they engage with an antagonistic photographer who lures models into the abyss of danger. The women learn to value friendship and family over the allure of  the skin deep fashion world and enjoy life's simplicities in the end.  

If you liked "The Devil Wears Prada" and "Sex in the City", you'll love Paranoid Girls.

Comedy / 90 minutes / 4K / HD / Spanish



A Robot With a Soul

 This beautifully crafted sci-fi film transports us to a future where robots are commonplace and have begun developing personalities and feelings.

The two main characters Henry and Jack, once close friends, now rivals in both their professional and private lives. Henry is cold, determined and calculating while Jack is vulnerable and emotional. To cope with loneliness, Jack turns to alcohol. In order to save his Master, Jack's domestic Robot creates a crisis situation where Henry and Jack must find a way to co-operate in order to save their lives....and soul. Told from the Robot's POV, this suspenseful story is accented by the mesmerizing virtuoso performances by all three main characters, including the robot!

Starring Billy Boyd (Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit) with special guest appearances by Patrick Bauchau and Gerard Depardieu.

Sci-Fi / 85 minutes / HD / English / Belgian production



A Portrait of Our Time in Images

Winner of the CASTELL Award // American Film Award 2016

Worthy of comparison to the work of great masters, Robert Wilson, Tarkovsky and Matthew Barney, ECHOES OF TIME creates a stunning visual portrait of the most challenging issues we are facing today: endless wars, migration, lost values, the isolation of the ruling from the ruled and the surreal nature of our reality.

Just like in Alain Resnais' "Last Year at Marienbad", the audience becomes a co-creator of the film as we are invited to fill in spaces in-between the thoughts. The film's heartbreaking beauty is that as we are looking at the cracks in our universe, we are shown where the light gets in. 

The countless number of awards this movie has received is well deserved.

Genre: Art-house/ 92min/Slovenian with English subtitles




A Ghost Story 

As Emma works to create a beautiful Christmas for the children she is looking after, the warm glow of the Christmas tree and the sparkling of the ornaments are in stark contrast with the hostility of the children in their freezing house.

The serendipity that landed Emma with a place to stay over the holidays turns out to beless of a blessing as the holiday's progress.

As Emma's anxiety grows, strange shadows start appearing, turning into creatures in the realm where reality and dreams merge.

Overwrought, Emma's fear and crumbling grip on reality edges into her dreams, blurring her daily anxiety attacks with visions of a foreboding stranger in the house.

 The unsettling connection between her nightmares and the eerie truth of this family lead her to confront the terror that comes from somewhere much graver than her own mind. 

With the truth revealed, this suspenseful and intense story culminates in a happy ending like all good Christmas movies should.

Paranormal/ Thriller / 72 min/ English



The Triump of the Human Spirit

The Genius is an epic biographical drama that presents the inspirational life of mathematical prodigy Ramanujan.

This stunningly photographed film chronicles one man's struggle towards greatness through a challenging journey from the temple towns of India across the oceans in search of his destiny. Through sheer perseverance and unshakable belief, poverty-stricken Ramanujan went on to became a Fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge and a Fellow of the prestigious Royal Society at London.

This gripping story of an extraordinary mind is set in early 20th century British India and in England.

If you liked "Ghandi" and "A Beautiful Mind", The Genius is the movie for you.

Biopic/ History/ Adventure / HD - 4K /shot on 35mm/ 108 minutes
English + 20% Tamil with English subtitles




Theatrical Bio-pic based on the life of Nobel Laureate Pablo Neruda

NERUDA is an epic portrayal of Pablo Neruda's life in exile, in the form of a political thriller. In 1948 Neruda risked his own life by confronting the corrupt President of Chile who then deprived him of his seat in the Senate and ordered his arrest. In great peril, the exiled poet moved from place to place in Chile, finally crossing the Andes Mountains escaping to Argentina. His fugitive adventure lead him to the south of Chile, where he had lived during his formative years. The experiences of his childhood, first love, the link with his father, the lost memory of an absent mother, and the ancient rituals of southern Chile start to appear in Neruda's poetry with great intensity. Those writings, together with his fundamental books such as "Canto General", recount the different episodes of Neruda's life that shaped him as a human being and a poet. NERUDA brings this celebrated his story of courage and passion alive.

Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia, México. 2014 / Invitado Especial

Festival Internacional de Cine Iberoamericano de Huelva, España . 2014 / Selección Oficial

Festival Internacional de Cine Latino de Chicago, USA . 2014 / Selección Oficial

Festival Internacional de Cine de Beijing, China. 2014 / Seleccionado Oficial Sección Panorama.

Festival Internacional de Cine del Mar, Cine del Mercosur, Uruguay. 2015.

Premio Pedro Sienna, Mejor Dirección de Arte, 2014, Chile

Premio Pedro Sienna, Mejor Vestuario, 2014, Chile

Premio del Público Festival Internacional de Cine del Mar, Cine del Mercosur, Uruguay. 2015.

*Por confirmar Festival Internacional de Cine de Bogotá, Colombia. 2015*

GENRE:  Bio-Pic / Political Thriller 95 min / Spanish / HD 2015


If they made a movie of The Sopranos and mixed it with The Godfather, SHARKSKIN would be it!

"Delightfully entertaining, suspenseful and funny!" -- Hille Karm, Film Critic

Sharkskin's story tells the tales of tailor Mike Esposito and his unexpected relationship with neighborhood crime boss "Fat Angelo" Piano. To make Piano a special suit, Mike has to give up his morals and principles to do it.

Chided by his son, Sammy, Mike finally has to confront Don Piano, his wife, Lilly and his own ethics to extricate himself and his family from the clutches of the mafia.

STARS: John Aprea - The Godfather 2, The Sopranos David Proval - The Sopranos, The Shawshank Redemption John Capodice - Wall Street, Independence Day, Speed Robert Costanzo - Total Recall, Saturday Night Fever, Die Hard 2 Don Calfa - Weekend at Bernies, Bugsy, New York, New York Carmen Argenziano - The Godfather 2, Swordfish, The Accused

GENRE:  Comedy / Crime / 98 min / English / 4K / HD


Paris Texas meets the Wicker Man in LEOPARD

LEOPARD is a recent USA hit  release with stars from TRANSFORMERS4, NIGHTSHIFT, MERLIN, MACBETH etc. featuring Ralph Lauren, GQ, Abercrombie & Fitch model Eoin Macken. With popular young actors in the lead,the movie has  gathered over 100,000 fans in social media only within a few days from its release.  

The movie is reminiscent of early Polanski and Neil Jordan’s films

Inspired by John Steinbeck's 'East of Eden'

The dark and mysterious LEOPARD centers around two disconnected brothers Tom and Jack, who are ostracized by the small village community surrounding them. Jack returns after 5 years with the sudden and unexplained death of their father and the brothers are immediately at odds with one another.  Jack's presence pushing Tom's loner mentality into a dangerous psychosis and opening an old wound with the locals as to why he originally left. Things take a surreal turn when they find a girl apparently left for dead in the moors and Tom becomes wildly obsessed with looking after her. What follows is beautiful, tragic and bizarre, as the brothers search for a resolution to their past and their relationship to one another in this mesmerizing tale of love, violence and redemption.

GENRE:  Thriller /  89 min / English / HD 2014


Better than Bridget Jones Diaries

'A SPELL ON YOU' follows the story of a young woman trying desperately to manifest love, navigating the pitfalls of growing-up and hoping to find HIM along the way.

This masterful film sits somewhere between Downton Abbey and Bridget Jones Diary.

Becky has recently finished university is working a dead-end office job. Why can't she find the man of her dreams? Recognising her match proves tricky when she isn't altogether sure who she is. The quest seems as mystifying as pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

This big-hearted romantic comedy gives us a peek into the millennial generation's search for love. They don't walk arm in arm along the Seine in perfectly cut trench coats. They don't hold tight to a handsome man on the back of a Vespa. They drink far too much, dance ironically in circles, and snog their friends.

Growing up is not for the faint of heart.

'A SPELL ON YOU' is a film for the funny, ugly and most importantly the magical in us all.

-Such a relatable film for so many people right now. BBC, Radio One

-One of the most deceptively important British movies for a long time. Glamour Magazine

GENRE:   Romantic Comedy / 90 min / UK / English / 4K / HD


The Truth Will Set You Free

Exotic and mysterious like the undulating Indian ocean where it is set, MONSOON TIDE is perfect for the female target group as well as for all lovers of suspense, great performances and colorful locations. Anni, a young Aid Worker re-visits India, the country of her birth, in the wake of the 2004 tsunami. Awaiting her there is the husband to her dead mother, Charles, a surly and seemingly haunted man. Anni realizes there is much more to her mother's death than she knew and she sets in motion a dramatic chain of events which ultimately leads her to the shocking discovery of why she had to flee India all those years ago. Featuring the stunning Rebecca Grant, BBC's beloved star (Holby) and heart-throb Ben Richards (Footballers Wives - BBC television)

GENRE:  Romantic / Mystery / Suspense / Thriller 94 min / English / HD 2015



Reminiscent of Polanski's 'Chinatown'  

This socially impactful film noir is based on true events, about housing inspector Roberto Morales who investigates the suspicious circumstances of a fatal fire in a residential hotel in San Francisco's rapidly gentrifying Latino Mission District and finds himself face to face with murder in the streets, corruption at City Hall and the mysterious Sofia Nido, a beautiful but dangerous flame from his past.

This stunningly filmed and superbly directed thriller deals with a hot, current topic millions will relate to: the gentrification of low-income ethnic neighborhoods which makes the movie extremely timely.

The screenplay was written by San Francisco Poet Laureate Alejandro Murguia. 

Starring: Richard Montoya (Falling DownNacho Libre)

The movie has just entered the festival circuit and already won Outstanding NorCal Feature at the Sacramento International Film Festival   

Available for 4K delivery 

GENRE Film Noir, Thriller / Crime / 91 minutes / 4K, HD USA English


A ruthless scientist, Cal Zimmerman, is being interrogated about an experiment that he performed two years ago. During the same period, Abel, a depressed workaholic in a science research lab, who had lost his wife and only daughter in a fatal accident, discovers the clone of his daughter in his house...

LEA is a mind-bending, suspenseful journey into the near future, where clones and androids will be living among us...;

GENRE:  Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Suspense 101 min / French with English subtitles / HD 2014


Academy Award Contender in the Best Foreign Language Film category at the 2014 Oscars.

Winner of 31 Awards. 

An inspiring story of courage, commitment and salvation.

Halima, a strong-willed woman who wants to see that right is done, tries without success, to find the remains of her son who was killed in the Bosnian War and is buried in one of the many mass graves. She realizes that she must track down her estranged niece, who has a mysterious connection to his son. After finding her, Halima discovers a horrifying fact from her worst nightmares. With this discovery, the spiral of tragic events from the past would continue in the present, disrupting once again the troubled lives of the characters. Thanks to Halima, they eventually manage to overcome their differences from the past and they come together, ending Halima’s path with redemption and understanding.

GENRE:  drama   /  DIRECTOR:  Arsen ANTON OSTOJIC / 93 minutes


An Ecological Animation Film

The First "Multi-platform" Property on the Topic of the Environment It is just before Christmas in the village of Hart's Landing and an ominous shadow threatens to cast darkness over the tiny town. A wealthy businessman without scruples, is building a gigantic Department Store smack in the middle of the village. With a thousand tricks up his sleeve, nothing appears to be able to stop him. Buy, Buy, always Buy seems to be his favorite refrain. Walter and Tandoori are quick to realize the underhanded and unsound nature of this venture! Indeed, nothing seems to go right any longer: deterioration of water and air quality, sudden changes in behavior of citizens for the worse!

The challenge that awaits our hero is immense and the clock is ticking. Walter must restore the peace and harmony of village life to Hart's Landing in time for Christmas..

GENRE:  Animated Feature / Family / Christmas 81 min / English, Spanish, French, Portuguese / HD


"A Boy, a Pirate and an Elf save Christmas"

A delightfully heartwarming and charming Christmas movie centering around the life of an Asian American family in Hollywood. Charlie, a young boy from China travels all the way from Shanghai to find his father's restaurant in Hollywood is in trouble. He must convince 3 people to believe in the Spirit of Christmas in order to save his family's dream. This Multi-Award Winning, Family Christmas Comedy will bring your entire family together and includes musical numbers with Bertie Higgins, the beloved US recording artist and concert performer in all the Pacific Rim countries, most notably mainland China.He is best known for his multiple platinum hits,"Casablanca" and "Key Largo". 4k delivery and a Mandarin Chinese version are available!

GENRE:  Family / Christmas 84 min / English / HD, 4k 2014


The timeless classic and eternally beloved story of pure and idealistic love.

Few works so completely capture a universal aspect of human experience the way Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” captures pure and idealistic love. Few works have lasted in time and been so beloved that they are refreshed with each generation. Look at popular music charts and references will abound. Look at school productions and the play will be there. Here now is the story expressed in stunning animation in an age sensitive portrayal aimed at pre and young teen audiences (8 to 16). We forget sometimes that Shakespeare’s Juliet was thirteen years old and Romeo not much older. “Romeo and Juliet” fills any family oriented line-up and amply fills the role of beloved classic.

GENRE: animation /  DIRECTOR: Brian Cass / 94 minutes / English

Directed by Ulrika Bengts, director of Finland's 2013 Oscar contender, The Disciple.

A classical movie with a progressive message: "Life doesn't have to be either-or, it can be both." 

A hauntingly beautiful and unusual coming-of-age tale, filmed on 35mm. The acting and directing matches the high quality of the writing. Touching, yet not overly emotional, it draws you in from the first moment and transports you to 1890 with IRIS, who, abandoned by her artist mother, discovers the joys of friendship and family on a remote island.It's a story of the human condition and how even deep prejudices can be overcome by the simple act of kindness and the willingness to strive for individuality. 

official website

GENRE: Family / DIRECTOR: Ulrika Bengts / 81 minutes / 35 mm / Swedish with English Subtitles


DOVE Seal of Approval for Family Viewing

Judge Vaughn, a modern Shakespearean actor becomes psychologically troubled while playing Hamlet on stage. His connection to the play takes him back in time to 1920, where he must unravel the mystery surrounding his past life and death. What he uncovers is more than a parallel existence, but his attempt to repair the damage done in the past may leave him there.

A fascinating puzzle, a tale of parallel stories in different time frames, reminiscent of hypnotic movies like "Dead Again", "The Time Traveler's Wife" and "Vertigo".

GENRE:  Sci-fi; Adventure, Family, Time-travelspan / 82 minutes / English



Filmed in 20 countries - 20 years in the making - A stunningly filmed portrait of life.

The rhythm of life revealed in the tradition of “Koyaanisqatsi” and “Samsara”

Richard Wawman’s unique film mesmerizes and transports us to the most remote areas of the world untouched by civilization, exploring the deep and intimate relationships between gender and sex, family, death, food, rituals and the rhythm of life that is universal. With no voice-over and direction for the viewer, the experience is personal and challenging: what seems to be a looking glass into a disappearing world and diverse cultures turns out to be a mirror reflecting back to us the follies and short-sightedness of our own pre-conceived ideas and prejudices 

GENRE: Feature documentary /  DIRECTOR: Richard Wawman / 123 minutes

Selected for their ongoing film series by the Museum of Modern Art (New York),  The Pratt Institute (New York) and the Guggenheim Bilbao.   Click here for More information

Slumdog Millionaire meets Trainspotting. A shocking and magical  feature film based on a best selling novel - with songs. "In the slums we meet the crippled pimp, the lonely housewife, the neighborhood gay, his macho father, the prostitutes, the smalltime politician, the Yankee pedophile. There are no happy endings and death awaits at every corner. Tragedy lies not at the end but is a given situation. It is not the usual 'story that needs to be told' it is simply a backyard full of lovable fuckers." -- Khavn De La Cruz                                          

GENRE: black comedy - musical /  DIRECTOR: Khavn De La Cruz / 69 minutes / English and Filipino



What do a Japanese journalist, an Indian software engineer, a Belgian looking for a new future, and an Austrian running from his past have in common? Nothing at all, except that over a 72 hour period their lives intertwine in the swirling anonymity of the exotic Thai resort city of Pattaya. It is not an accident - they are all ministered to by a young Thai woman named Jade. She stands in-between the audience and our seekers as they are pulled in different directions on their particular paths to happiness.

The film is uniquely trans-cultural on a range of sensitive issues: sex tourism, various forms of inequality, globalization, tension between new and traditional values, and tension between values of different cultures.

GENRE: adventure - drama /  DIRECTOR: Samy Pavel / 84 minutes / English and Thai with subtitles.


A remarkable and unique film about the early life of Julius Caesar, told by renowned actors alongside prison inmates in high security prisons on three different continents.

The raw, primal force and passion of the inmates juxtaposed with the craft and sophistication of celebrated classical actors headed by Sir Derek Jacobi, creates a fascinating dialogue between the brute struggle for power in ancient times and incarceration in the 21st century.

The story's themes of passion, rivalry, friendship and violence bridges continents and millennia. Derek Jacobi's chilling bravura performance combined with the daring concept gives the film its recognized high impact and renders the experience unforgettable.


Sir Derek Jacobi (I Claudius, Anonymous, Hamlet, Dead Again, Gladiator, The King's Speech, Titanic)

John Kani (Master Harold and the Boys, A Dry White Season, Sarafina, Coriolanus

Alice Krige (Star Trek: First Contact, Barfly, Chariots of Fire)

Critics' Choice of the Reader - Chicago International Film Festival 

Best UK Feature Nomination - Raindance, London

Winner of the Berlin Independent Film Festival

Official Selection - Moscow International Film Festival

GENRE: drama - history /  DIRECTOR: Paul Schoolman / 84 minutes / English

SEAMONSTERS is a moving, sparky and compelling story about the sex and violence of modern teenage life with classic motifs of love, jealousy, friendship and betrayal. It tells the story of two best mates who meet a wild young girl that turns their lives upside down. After a terrible tragedy, their friendship is split apart.  A classic coming of age movie, adapted from the Royal Court play Outside Heaven with an amazing performance by Rita Tushingham, known for her performance in the iconic A Taste of Honey. Beautifully shot with a soundtrack by Walter Mair (composer of Dark Knight score) and featuring UK's hottest bands on the soundtrack.Young audiences will relate to the themes of first love, rebellion, teen angst, and alienation.  Older audiences will appreciate the honesty of the storytelling and the naturalism of the performances.  Written by Outside Heaven author, Martin Sadofski and Julian Kerridge, produced by Angela J.Gordon

GENRE: Coming of Age  / DIRECTOR: Julian Kerridge / 97 minutes / English (Polish Version also available) / WITH: Rita Tushingham, Reece Noi, Jack McMulle

Gabi, a burn unit nurse, is in charge of the mother of an unborn child,  burned and comatose from a serial killer assault. The cop handling the case,  a friend of Gabi, asks for her help to identify the serial-killer if she wakes up. Gabi’s  relationship with her  paralyzed, wheelchair-bound husband is falling apart. She finds comfort in an affair with a mysterious lover, one who doesn’t let her see his face. Long before expected, Gabi realizes that her mystery lover is the killer. The film is narrated by the baby still inside his mother’s womb

official website

GENRE: Thriller / DIRECTOR: Leonardo Antonio / 120 minutes / HD / Portuguese with English Subtitles

STRANGER THAN PARADISE meets CINEMA PARADISO in this bittersweet tale of an unusual quest, based on a true story. Unique, yet symbolic, is the story of the American professor of Jewish descent who is compelled to turn his back on a successful career and get on the road that takes him through danger, the unknown and the surreal, back to the roots to reclaim his identity. The quest takes Professor Traum, masterfully portrayed by Peter Greenaway and Francis Ford Coppola actor Marcel Iures, back to the Old World that rewards our traveller with a double love story. On the one hand he finds romantic love, on the other the passion for old cinema.

A tender and nostalgic homage to a past era, The Phantom Father combines stylistically the postmodern and classical cinema, assisted by superb photography, a haunting sound-track and great performances. An out-of-the-box road movie, The Phantom Father used a short story, called Almost Oriental by the writer of Wild at Heart, Lost Highway and Perdita Durango, Barry Gifford as a starting point.

Marcel Iures' credits include Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Francis Ford Coppola's Youth Without Youth, Brian de Palma's Mission:Impossible, Costa Gavras' Amen and The Tulse Luper Suitcases by Peter Greenaway.

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GENRE: Road Movie, Comedy / DIRECTOR: Lucian Georgescu / 92 min / English, Romanian / 35 mm


Gellert is addicted. Sitting at the poker table, he must face his past. All he wanted was to pay back his debt. He really needs this last chance. He didn't want all this to happen. He just wanted one last game.

One Last Game is a symbolic tale.  Like All That Jazz, the movie follows Elizabeth Kuebler Ross's five stages of grief.  Visually mesmerizing, hyper chic, and elegant, One Last Game is reminiscent of the abstract stylization of Dogville.  The film features Germany's young rising star Ken Duken (Laconia, Max Manus, Zweiohrküken, Powder Girl, My Last Day Without You, Inglorious Basterds) and the magnificent Regina Lund.

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GENRE: Psychological thriller /  DIRECTOR: Ayassi / 83 minutes / HD / English / WITH Ken Duken, Regina Lund