Based on the international best seller  FALCON OF SIAM

Jonathan Debin, Executive Producer of Werner Herzog's QUEEN OF THE DESERT, jointly with House of Film,  is producing an action- adventure based on an international best-seller with an A+ cast.

FALCON,  based on the international best-seller, 'The Falcon of Siam', is the true story of a young Greek adventurer, Constantine Falcon, who washes up, shipwrecked and penniless, on the shores of 17th century Siam.  Constantine schemes, double-deals and charms his way into the good graces of the King of Siam to become the country's first and only foreign Chief Minister.  

Falcon's is a story of transformation from a self-serving soldier of fortune to a consummate politician and a staunch defender of Siamese independence.

FALCON is a motion picture of epic proportion.  A swashbuckling action adventure of clashing cultures, insatiable greed, forbidden love and the triumph of will.

Genre: Action / Adventure