Filmed in 20 countries - 20 years in the making - A stunningly filmed portrait of life.

The rhythm of life revealed in the tradition of “Koyaanisqatsi” and “Samsara”

Richard Wawman’s unique film mesmerizes and transports us to the most remote areas of the world untouched by civilization, exploring the deep and intimate relationships between gender and sex, family, death, food, rituals and the rhythm of life that is universal. With no voice-over and direction for the viewer, the experience is personal and challenging: what seems to be a looking glass into a disappearing world and diverse cultures turns out to be a mirror reflecting back to us the follies and short-sightedness of our own pre-conceived ideas and prejudices 

GENRE: Feature documentary /  DIRECTOR: Richard Wawman / 123 minutes

Selected for their ongoing film series by the Museum of Modern Art (New York),  The Pratt Institute (New York) and the Guggenheim Bilbao.   Click here for More information

Slumdog Millionaire meets Trainspotting. A shocking and magical  feature film based on a best selling novel - with songs. "In the slums we meet the crippled pimp, the lonely housewife, the neighborhood gay, his macho father, the prostitutes, the smalltime politician, the Yankee pedophile. There are no happy endings and death awaits at every corner. Tragedy lies not at the end but is a given situation. It is not the usual 'story that needs to be told' it is simply a backyard full of lovable fuckers." -- Khavn De La Cruz                                          

GENRE: black comedy - musical /  DIRECTOR: Khavn De La Cruz / 69 minutes / English and Filipino



What do a Japanese journalist, an Indian software engineer, a Belgian looking for a new future, and an Austrian running from his past have in common? Nothing at all, except that over a 72 hour period their lives intertwine in the swirling anonymity of the exotic Thai resort city of Pattaya. It is not an accident - they are all ministered to by a young Thai woman named Jade. She stands in-between the audience and our seekers as they are pulled in different directions on their particular paths to happiness.

The film is uniquely trans-cultural on a range of sensitive issues: sex tourism, various forms of inequality, globalization, tension between new and traditional values, and tension between values of different cultures.

GENRE: adventure - drama /  DIRECTOR: Samy Pavel / 84 minutes / English and Thai with subtitles.


A remarkable and unique film about the early life of Julius Caesar, told by renowned actors alongside prison inmates in high security prisons on three different continents.

The raw, primal force and passion of the inmates juxtaposed with the craft and sophistication of celebrated classical actors headed by Sir Derek Jacobi, creates a fascinating dialogue between the brute struggle for power in ancient times and incarceration in the 21st century.

The story's themes of passion, rivalry, friendship and violence bridges continents and millennia. Derek Jacobi's chilling bravura performance combined with the daring concept gives the film its recognized high impact and renders the experience unforgettable.


Sir Derek Jacobi (I Claudius, Anonymous, Hamlet, Dead Again, Gladiator, The King's Speech, Titanic)

John Kani (Master Harold and the Boys, A Dry White Season, Sarafina, Coriolanus

Alice Krige (Star Trek: First Contact, Barfly, Chariots of Fire)

Critics' Choice of the Reader - Chicago International Film Festival 

Best UK Feature Nomination - Raindance, London

Winner of the Berlin Independent Film Festival

Official Selection - Moscow International Film Festival

GENRE: drama - history /  DIRECTOR: Paul Schoolman / 84 minutes / English

SEAMONSTERS is a moving, sparky and compelling story about the sex and violence of modern teenage life with classic motifs of love, jealousy, friendship and betrayal. It tells the story of two best mates who meet a wild young girl that turns their lives upside down. After a terrible tragedy, their friendship is split apart.  A classic coming of age movie, adapted from the Royal Court play Outside Heaven with an amazing performance by Rita Tushingham, known for her performance in the iconic A Taste of Honey. Beautifully shot with a soundtrack by Walter Mair (composer of Dark Knight score) and featuring UK's hottest bands on the soundtrack.Young audiences will relate to the themes of first love, rebellion, teen angst, and alienation.  Older audiences will appreciate the honesty of the storytelling and the naturalism of the performances.  Written by Outside Heaven author, Martin Sadofski and Julian Kerridge, produced by Angela J.Gordon

GENRE: Coming of Age  / DIRECTOR: Julian Kerridge / 97 minutes / English (Polish Version also available) / WITH: Rita Tushingham, Reece Noi, Jack McMulle

Gabi, a burn unit nurse, is in charge of the mother of an unborn child,  burned and comatose from a serial killer assault. The cop handling the case,  a friend of Gabi, asks for her help to identify the serial-killer if she wakes up. Gabi’s  relationship with her  paralyzed, wheelchair-bound husband is falling apart. She finds comfort in an affair with a mysterious lover, one who doesn’t let her see his face. Long before expected, Gabi realizes that her mystery lover is the killer. The film is narrated by the baby still inside his mother’s womb

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GENRE: Thriller / DIRECTOR: Leonardo Antonio / 120 minutes / HD / Portuguese with English Subtitles

STRANGER THAN PARADISE meets CINEMA PARADISO in this bittersweet tale of an unusual quest, based on a true story. Unique, yet symbolic, is the story of the American professor of Jewish descent who is compelled to turn his back on a successful career and get on the road that takes him through danger, the unknown and the surreal, back to the roots to reclaim his identity. The quest takes Professor Traum, masterfully portrayed by Peter Greenaway and Francis Ford Coppola actor Marcel Iures, back to the Old World that rewards our traveller with a double love story. On the one hand he finds romantic love, on the other the passion for old cinema.

A tender and nostalgic homage to a past era, The Phantom Father combines stylistically the postmodern and classical cinema, assisted by superb photography, a haunting sound-track and great performances. An out-of-the-box road movie, The Phantom Father used a short story, called Almost Oriental by the writer of Wild at Heart, Lost Highway and Perdita Durango, Barry Gifford as a starting point.

Marcel Iures' credits include Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Francis Ford Coppola's Youth Without Youth, Brian de Palma's Mission:Impossible, Costa Gavras' Amen and The Tulse Luper Suitcases by Peter Greenaway.

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GENRE: Road Movie, Comedy / DIRECTOR: Lucian Georgescu / 92 min / English, Romanian / 35 mm


Gellert is addicted. Sitting at the poker table, he must face his past. All he wanted was to pay back his debt. He really needs this last chance. He didn't want all this to happen. He just wanted one last game.

One Last Game is a symbolic tale.  Like All That Jazz, the movie follows Elizabeth Kuebler Ross's five stages of grief.  Visually mesmerizing, hyper chic, and elegant, One Last Game is reminiscent of the abstract stylization of Dogville.  The film features Germany's young rising star Ken Duken (Laconia, Max Manus, Zweiohrküken, Powder Girl, My Last Day Without You, Inglorious Basterds) and the magnificent Regina Lund.

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GENRE: Psychological thriller /  DIRECTOR: Ayassi / 83 minutes / HD / English / WITH Ken Duken, Regina Lund


Opening film at Interrobang Film Festival June 22-24, 2012

Twelve Angry Men meets Silkwood in a suspenseful feature inspired by true stories, starring Lucie Arnaz (The Jazz Singer) and Elisabeth Moss (Girl Interrupted, Madmen). 

A young man testifies against his mother for killing the father  with secondhand smoke. Inspired by  documented cases, “Smoking Non Smoking” weaves together the jury’s cinema verite style deliberation, provocative courtroom testimony, flashbacks and the family’s intimate home movies.

An ambitious Assistant District Attorney (Carlos Leon, "The Big Lebowski," "The Woodsman" ) prosecutes a wife and mother (Lucie Arnaz) for murder after her forty-seven year-old husband  dies of lung cancer.  Their twenty-four year-old son  decides to testify against her. At first, this appears to be a ridiculous case, but one juror’s doubts force the jury into an intriguing, emotional and complicated choice regarding addiction, loyalty and individual responsibility.

GENRE: Courtroom  / DIRECTOR: Alyssa Rallo Bennett / 84 minutes / English / WITH: Lucie Arnaz, Elisabeth Moss, Carlos Leon

Cabin Fever is an intense, powerful look at a family that comes together for Christmas… and the secrets that tear them apart. An estranged family reunites in an isolated cabin, bringing along new in-laws, problematic children, and a lifetime of old wounds.  The cabin’s cramped quarters and the pressure to keep up appearances soon prove too much. The facade begins to disintegrate -- with devastating results.

GENRE: drama /  DIRECTOR: Mona J. Hoel / 97 minutes / Norwegian with English subtitles

On a summer evening, four strangers are brought together by a mysterious murder A case which at first seems like a regular crime ivestigation turns out to be much more: a tale of love, alienation and new hope, reflecting a society in the midst of transforming. The film is giving international audiences a ew, stylish perspective on the Baltics where people in their bold new clothes and luxury cars are trying to imitate Western life but are still trapped in corruption, greed and abuse of women.

GENRE: crime thriller /  DIRECTOR: Ilmar Taska / 90 minutes / Estonian with English subtitles

Winner of innumerable film festivals, CHAIN LINK has been a consistent audience favorite. Chain Link offers a unique look at American society, offering a sensitive, thoughtful portrayal of a man who keeps making the wrong choice to the detriment of everything he holds dear. It is a film that offers us man that lives on the edge of stability, a man who will violently fight  to regain the things we too often take for granted.  Chain Link shows us the underside of the American Dream, a world where all people have is the hope that things will get better. With gripping performances and complex characters, Chain Link engrosses from the first frame to that final, shocking scene.

GENRE: drama /  DIRECTOR: Dylan Reynolds / 97 minutes / English

Driven by love, Resnik (WWF Champion Scott  ‘Raven’  Levy) was imprisoned for butchering a man and kidnapping a young girl, Kelly (Kym Jackson, Criminal Minds).  For the safety of his fellow inmates, Resnik was only allowed to wake, eat and exercise alone, after dark. He learned to like it.  Having escaped during a midnight transfer, Resnik heads back to Moonlight Bay, and Detective Raynor (Bruce Hopkins, Lord of the Rings) has only 12 hours before the sun goes down, and the carnage begins, again...

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GENRE: horror /  DIRECTOR: Dru Brown / 87 minutes / English

A story of passion, love, and murder spanning the cultural Revolution to the present day. Mark, a New York psychologist, suffers from nightmares. Driven by the horrifying images he visits an old mansion in Shanghai. The mansion reveals new layers of a family mystery and a horrifying act that took place there long ago.  Mark’s hallucinations focus on a strange symbol and lead him to a plastic surgeon called the Master of Illusion. At the same time, Old Charlie, a detective haunted by the decades old murder, hopes Mark’s visions will lead him to the missing body.

Mark’s fiancée, a biology professor, discovers a gene that has an extraordinary effect on artists, designers and plastic surgeons, transporting them to another realm. Gradually the connections among the symbol, the mansion, and the rare gene are revealed. But Mark’s life slowly falls apart as his obsession with discovering meanings reveals the shocking family secret and brutal crime.

GENRE: Thriller, LGBT, Paranormal /  DIRECTOR: Qian Jiayu / 90 minutes / Mandarin

An inspector (Renee O’Connor, Xena: Warrior Princess) for the Historic Trust visits an abandoned ship on a desolate waterfront. Moments after her arrival, her car is destroyed and her life is about to change forever.In the chaos that follows, she meets up with the odd, self-appointed caretaker (Larry Joe Campbell, Wedding Crashers, Hall Pass) of the ship. Without any particular option, she takes him up on his offer to spend the night.  Indeed, her life will never be the same.

GENRE: Supernatural Thriller /  DIRECTOR: Richard Brauer / 94 minutes / English


Kid, by his own account "the best pilot in the universe," travels around space as he pleases. His spaceship has had a special upgrade: using a "power crystal," a material unknown to the people of Earth, it can now go into warp drive. Somewhere in the Universe in the direction of the North Star, 2.215349331 billion light years from the Earth, during Kid’s test flight, the warp drive fails mysteriously and he has to make an emergency landing on an unknown planet. He meets seal-like aliens and an ancient scientist, discovering the dangerous project in the works on this planet… .

GENRE: anime /  DIRECTOR: Chihiro Matsumoto / 49 minutes / Japanese

Azerbaijan's Oscar contender for Best Foreign Language Film.

THE PRECINT is reminiscent of The Twilight Zone and Angel Heart. Set in two of the most exotic cities in the world: Baku and Gobustan, the film is laden with symbolic mysticism. Garib, a playboy photographer, and his fiancee, Sabina, are injured in a car accident and brought to a creepy police station to endure a bizarre interrogation focused on their personal lives and romantic indiscretions. With the strange, dark setting and cryptic discourse, it's obvious the couple is trapped in some enclosed netherworld, a purgatory with a door opening up to Garib's childhood, masterfully portrayed by Timur Odushev who won the 32nd Annual Young Artist Award with his performance.

The movie has been an official selection at 26 film festivals and won 9 awards, including the "Golden Eye" 2010 and the 2011 California Film Awards.

"The cinematography of remote sections of Azerbaijan is haunting, and the eerie musical score by Andrey Doynikov is another asset." THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

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GENRE: Psychological Thriller / DIRECTOR: Ilgar Safat / 116 minutes / 35 mm / Azeri and Russian with English Subtitles


Daring to tackle the abortion issue head-on, this topical film deals with the notoriety surrounding RU-486 - the controversial abortion pill.  

RU-486 – The Last Option grips you from the beginning and never lets go.

A young woman of Indian descent she has five days to make the most important decision about the future of her life and the life she carries. What will she decide?

GENRE: drama /  DIRECTOR: Irene Maffei / 89 minutes

Sometimes You Are Not Alone In An Empty Building. A Chilling Paranormal Thriller In The Tradition of The Shining.

Julia and Alexander take a job in an isolated school where an evil spiritual presence influences their eccentric teacher into violence, while the kids see horrific forebodings from the past and future. The teacher, Mr. Zenidro, is underway in a history project when he slowly slips into insanity as a result of sleep deprivation, isolation and frequent visits by the ghosts of former teachers and students. After being convinced by a teacher's ghost to "correct" Julia, Mr. Zenidro, goes completely insane. The genuinely atmospheric movie is not about ghosts but about madness and the energies it sets loose in an isolated situation primed to magnify them.

GENRE: Paranormal /  DIRECTOR: Wes Tomasz Ciesla / 96 minutes / English

In the tradition of Magnolia and Babel. December 24. While most people start enjoying Christmas Eve, the seven characters in this film all arrive at a turning point which will give a new direction to their lives. A colorful mosaic of interrelated characters in search of love, forgiveness, and meaning, told in real time. 

Official Selection at:

  • - Film Festival San Nicolás section, Work In Progress, 2013.
  • - IX International Independent Film Festival Mar del Plata. Marfici, 2013.
  • - II National Film Festival Leonardo Favio. Bolivar, 2013.
  • - 28th International Film Festival of Mar del Plata, "24-hour National Cinema" 2013.
  • - First International Film Festival of Ayacucho, Peru 2013.
  • - IX Unusual Film Festival Buenos Aires, 2013

 Awards won: 

  • - Winner Best Film IX Unusual Film Festival Buenos Aires, 2013.
  • - Winner Best Director IX Unusual Film Festival Buenos Aires, 2013.
  • - Winner Best Screenplay IX Unusual Film Festival Buenos Aires, 2013.

GENRE: Suspense, black comedy, crime / DIRECTOR: Diego Adrián de Llano / 85 minutes / HD / Spanish with English Subtitles

Apio Verde - “Trapped in a Nightmare”

A striking, emotionally charged horror/ suspense film in the tradition of Polanski’s Repulsion and Darren Aranofsky’s Black Swan

In this stylish suspense film, the cinematography and direction captures the personal emotional horror of a woman living a society that goes against her life while trying to preserve a "pro-life" stance. The film poignantly addresses the challenges of the modernization of economy without the modernization of its social and political culture – a pressing socio-political issue in modern-day Latin America. Apio Verde casts a sharp light on this current global controversy at the front of the abortion debate and takes a strong pro-choice stand powerfully told using the medium of film.

The notable cast includes:  Catherine Mazoyer - Tv series Lola (2007-2008),  Los 80s (2010-2013),  Sin Anestesia (2009),  Huaiquiman y Tolosa (2006-2008), Infieles and Teatro en Chilevision, feature film Perfidia (2014) Catalina Aguayo – Tv series Tempano; Reserva de Familia,  Cumpleaños, Feature Films: I am from Chile; Mejor no Fumes; FeatuLa Comiquería; El Limpiapiscinas; Cristian Gajardo – Feature film Raul Ruiz’ La Noche de Enfrente; Teresita Reyes – Tv series Machos; El Regreso, Dos por Uno, Esperanza, Primera Dama,  Gatas y Tuercas

GENRE: Suspense - Thriller / DIRECTOR: Francesc Morales / 81 minutes / HD / Spanish with English Subtitles

Reggaeton is a fascinating world music documentary film about the similarities between two types of music genres known today as Salsa and Reggaeton.

We were fortunate enough to have gathered the hottest stars of reggaeton as well as the old school greats of salsa. We have interviewed salsa icons such as Ruben Blades, Johnny Pacheco, Willie Colon, Ismael Miranda, Gilberto SantaRosa and on the reggaeton side we interviewed billboard chart - topping artists such as Julio Voltio, Tego Calderón, Hector "El Father" just to name a few.These artists all came together with the same purpose to discuss how two different styles of music can have so much in common and how their music is all composed under "La Clave," the five-note two-bar rhythm pattern which generates rhythmic measurement and is the foundation and backbone of Salsa (and all Afro-Cuban based music). They also take you on an extraordinary journey back in time to the roots that influenced all of these different types of music, which is AFRICA and its rhythm of "drums and percussion.

GENRE: Documentary / DIRECTOR: Mariella Sosa / 90 minutes / HD / Spanish with English Subtitles

Las Nornas

Tension stalks the organization. There will be a new leader. Or will there? Some are loyal to others. Or are they? Some are lovers. But are they pretending? Some are enemies. But they rely on one another. All are assassins. And the place they meet is the Norns lounge. How fitting. The Norns weave men's fate and none can escape their plots.

Like a long con, you are drawn in. Where do your sympathies lie? All the motives are on the table, or are they? Some will die tonight. Who and by which hand? Superb acting and compelling dialogue drive the story. All the cliche's of the genre are exposed and cast aside. Things are not what they seem. The story builds to a crescendo of action and violence that always lay just beneath the surface and the ultimate game is revealed.

GENRE: Thriller /  DIRECTOR: Fernando J. Munez / 117 minutes / Spanish Version and English Version Available


A Mesmerizing and suspenseful  paranormal thriller with a wicked twist of an ending, PSYCHOPHONY is yet another example of the boundless creativity and originality of the New Spanish Cinema. 

The chilling movie recreates the risky experiment that Dr. Helena Jara undertook with a group of patients suffering from schizophrenia in order to prove that their hallucinations had a paranormal origin. The mystery hidden in the youngest patient, Ainara, will change the course of events. Based on the finding of the original video and audio tapes of the experiment in March 2006, the film shot in 2011 shows the unexpected occurrence of some chilling EVPs.A must see for the lovers of the paranormal, the mysterious and the suspenseful.

GENRE: Paranormal /  DIRECTOR: Xabier Berraondo / 80 minutes / Spanish