Screen adaptation of a classical gem of Argentinian literature.

 An Award Winning Story by Sylvia Ocampo

Starring  EMMY Nominated Almodovar star  LEONARDO SBARAGLIAknown for Oscar & Palme d'or Nominated WILD TALES

Director Daniel Rosenfeld (Winner of Best New Director Award at the Venice Film Festival) has successfully brought Silvina Ocampo's disturbing strangeness to film, making it a sublime, stylish and hypnotic exploration of the magical realm from which all art originates: the domain of the in-between, the space between two notes, the crack where light gets in.

Beautiful and fragile Cornelia returns to her supposedly empty Alice in Wonderland-like childhood home.  As the mirrors begin reflecting her multiple personalities, lovers mysteriously appear one by one as if wanting to keep her from entering the other side from where there is no return.

The filmmaker manages to stay true to the original concept of the writer who intends the viewer to be co-creator in this suspenseful tale of love, longing, destiny and redemption. As if by magic, when Cornelia looks into the mirror, we see our own psyche in the reflections.

Literary Adaptation/ Arthouse / 103 minutes/ HD/ Spanish with English subtitles



In the tradition of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Alfonso Cuarón, and Guillermo del Toro  

The story of Juana, an eleven-year-old girl, is deeply rooted in the traditions of magical Latin-American realism, inviting vivid fantasies into story telling. Juana comes from a very special family; they have the ability to transform into animals. 

She discovers this the day her mother transforms into a parrot. Juana has three days to transform her mother back to human form otherwise she will stay a parrot forever. Her uncle, her grandmother  and a group of friends from school set out to try to  rescue the parrot mom. 

They are racing against  time when the appearance of a mysterious  character further complicates matters. The story is set against the backdrop of the picturesque coast of Argentina, inviting us to look beyond  our ordinary reality.  

As a conjurer of magic, "My Mother is a Parrot" breaks all genre and character stereotypes and makes us reflect on who we are while reminding us that it is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.

Family / Fantasy / 81 min / in Spanish / HD


Based on a true story

A chilling, eerie portrayal of the mechanisms of the mind of a serial killer, masterfully acted and directed. Security cameras record the last days of Tila's life in prison. His past is revealed through his writings, foreboding  literary renderings of a tortured mind. Reminiscent of The Silence of the Lambs, a female journalist regularly visits him to unveil Tila's secrets.

Violence, contradictions and conflicting points of view will shape this crime story into an in-depth portrait of the mind of a murderer.

Psychological Thriller / Crime / 96min / Spanish / from Chile / HD




Contemporary version of García Lorca's masterpiece, featuring Academy Award winner Miriam Díaz Aroca of La Belle Époque

YERMA is a gorgeous visual juxtaposition of the Andalusian culture of Lorca's play and modern London High Society.

This timeless story has been transported into contemporary London where the central character, the beautiful Eva, and her ambitious husband still have no children after 4 years of marriage. Eva is becoming increasingly obsessed with her inability to become a mother and yet she is conflicted by the responsibility and honor she has to the institution of marriage.

The suspenseful and stunningly filmed thriller culminates in a shocking ending. Created in memory of Spanish poet/playwright Federico García Lorca on the 80th anniversary of his assassination by dictator Francisco Franco. 

Thriller / Film Adaptation of Literary Masterpiece / Arthouse / 90min / English and Spanish Language versions available / HD and 4K


Based on true stories of sex trafficking and sex slavery

Laura, a stunningly beautiful high-end prostitute works in a brothel in Buenos Aires. Jason, an American veteran of the Iraqi war arrives in Buenos Aires to start a new life. He meets Jenny, a beautiful tango dancer who helps him cope with his war time trauma. Laura, Jenny's sister, the black sheep of the family discovers a human trafficking network that is run from the secret backrooms of the brothel.

Laura proves the saying 'We never know how high we are till we are called to rise.'

When confronted by the extreme suffering of the women and the brutal cruelty of their keepers, Laura rises to the occasion. Gathering her courage, overcoming her drug induced haze, Laura helps one of the victims escape, unleashing the wrath of the cartel who are now after her and her family.

STOLEN TANGO takes an unflinching look at the world of human trafficking, taking us on a suspenseful journey from the sensual façade of tango dancing to the darkest secrets of the cruel trade of sex slavery.

Crime/suspense/ action/ thriller / 120minutes/ Spanish language/ HD/ 4K


The Latino "Sex in the City"

World famous fashion photographer, Pedro Del Santo takes us behind the scenes in the high-stake world of fashion in this whirlwind comedy of romance, dreams and betrayals.

In Paranoid Girls, three women (Ana, Paula and Veronica) become fascinated by modeling and the exciting life that it offers. Quickly however, they discover the dark side hidden behind the fame and glamour of the spotlights. The women experience downfall as they engage with an antagonistic photographer who lures models into the abyss of danger. The women learn to value friendship and family over the allure of  the skin deep fashion world and enjoy life's simplicities in the end.  

If you liked "The Devil Wears Prada" and "Sex in the City", you'll love Paranoid Girls.

Comedy / 90 minutes / 4K / HD / Spanish


Theatrical Bio-pic based on the life of Nobel Laureate Pablo Neruda

NERUDA is an epic portrayal of Pablo Neruda's life in exile, in the form of a political thriller. In 1948 Neruda risked his own life by confronting the corrupt President of Chile who then deprived him of his seat in the Senate and ordered his arrest. In great peril, the exiled poet moved from place to place in Chile, finally crossing the Andes Mountains escaping to Argentina. His fugitive adventure lead him to the south of Chile, where he had lived during his formative years. The experiences of his childhood, first love, the link with his father, the lost memory of an absent mother, and the ancient rituals of southern Chile start to appear in Neruda's poetry with great intensity. Those writings, together with his fundamental books such as "Canto General", recount the different episodes of Neruda's life that shaped him as a human being and a poet. NERUDA brings this celebrated his story of courage and passion alive.

GENRE:  Bio-Pic / Political Thriller 95 min / Spanish / HD 2015


Revenge from Beyond the Grave

Kidnappers abduct the daughter of a wealthy businesswoman. They drive her out of the city, chaining her to a chair while waiting for instructions from the boss. Meanwhile, the boss is informed that the girl was never kidnapped and sends two men to the abandoned factory to investigate what happened.

They find the girl, hooded, tied to a chair and no sign of the kidnappers. Slowly, someone appears ... but not from the world of the living.

DEAD HEART will keep you on the edge of your seat as the shocking story unfolds in this suspenseful, highly entertaining and original creature film.


GENRE:  Paranormal / Creature / Zombie / Horror 75 min / Spanish / HD 2015



Reminiscent of Polanski's 'Chinatown'  

This socially impactful film noir is based on true events, about housing inspector Roberto Morales who investigates the suspicious circumstances of a fatal fire in a residential hotel in San Francisco's rapidly gentrifying Latino Mission District and finds himself face to face with murder in the streets, corruption at City Hall and the mysterious Sofia Nido, a beautiful but dangerous flame from his past.

This stunningly filmed and superbly directed thriller deals with a hot, current topic millions will relate to: the gentrification of low-income ethnic neighborhoods which makes the movie extremely timely.

The screenplay was written by San Francisco Poet Laureate Alejandro Murguia. 

Starring: Richard Montoya (Falling DownNacho Libre)

The movie has just entered the festival circuit and already won Outstanding NorCal Feature at the Sacramento International Film Festival   

Available for 4K delivery 

GENRE Film Noir, Thriller / Crime  / 91 minutes / 4K, HD USA English


The Passionate Pursuit of an Impossible Dream

Lucia, an aging Italian actress and director, beautifully portrayed by Antonioni's and Fellini's actress Lucia Bosè, decides to come back to the small town where she had spent her happy childhood. Dressed in Italian couture, she arrives in the dusty and sleepy small town in the Chilean desert, to fulfill her utopia. Just like the main character in "Fitzcarraldo" by Werner Herzog, who wished to bring the opera and Caruzo to the Amazonian jungle, Lucia also has a larger than life dream and personality. She wants to bring the "magic box" where television has never been seen before. As the project gets under way, she finds her true support in the women of the community where their lives will change forever.

Starring: Lucia Bose with over 50 credits, including Antonioni and Fellini films Magaly Solier (Milk of Sorrow; Madeinusa; Blackthorn) 

GENRE: Drama / Italian - Chilean/ 82min/ HD in Spanish with English subtitles


The Latin American "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"

Based on a True Story

Set in the impressive mountain and coastal scenery of the Andes, this suspenseful and highly emotional thriller takes us on an impassioned journey with the fearless Ana, on a mission to save her grandfather who is exposed to illegal drug tests in a hospital.  Ana, the punk and non-conformist cast-out turns out to be the only person with a heart and with humanity. As Ana and her grandfather run away together, they must fight for their own survival against the vicious interests of a powerful company.

Not a predictable story of conspiracy, corruption and the cruel manipulations in the pharmaceutical industry - "Girl With No Fear" tells the painfully beautiful story of a human life. 

GENRE: thriller - crime / 110 minutes / Spanish


A real-time kidnapping in the Colombian jungle.

Mark, an American contractor  working for a oil company, wakes up in the midst of  the lush Colombian jungle, tied up and hanging to  a tree, next to him , Vanesa, a local prostitute. The kidnappers violently torture  Mark and  his local friend, Mauricio, to find out the code to transfer 40 million dollars out of the company’s bank account. Mark does not speak Spanish and only understands what Vanesa can translate.  The problem is: if he tells them the bank  transfer code, they will kill him... and if he doesn’t , they will kill him  anyway...

GENRE: action - suspense - thriller /   94 minutes / 2014 Colombian / Spanish



An  intimate view of a world we seldom experience

This sensual thriller takes you on a sensual and exotic journey to present day Cuba where three young Havanese outcasts find each other as they long to find their place in a world that will not have them. As they clash and bond; search and withdraw; love and despise the sensual undercurrents of desire and passion mingle with the crisis of surviving in an inhospitable world. While the outer story recounts the literal struggle for a place to live, the powerful through-line of the story shows us a universal plight of those who mange to rise above the conformity around them. In the world of the heart, our heroes tower above their environment and speak a language inaudible to those around them – just like Giraffes. 

GENRE: erotic thriller /  DIRECTOR: Kiki Alvarez / 94 minutes / Spanish


Bajo Sus Unas

Playing on HBO Latino, Fall 2013

In New York, Solimar a Puerto Rican woman who works in a “nail salon” becomes obsessed with the violent sexual practices of her new neighbors, a Dominican man Roberto and his Haitian-Dominican wife Perpetue. Solimar, as a voyeur of their intimate life, one day witnesses a particularly brutal encounter. Perpetue disappears after that. Apparently she went back to the Dominican Republic to see her children. In her absence Solimar and Roberto develop an intense and violent sexual relationship. For the first time in a very long time, Solimar feels a connection with her innermost desires and true identity. The fact that itʼs wrong makes it right for her. She lost both her parents when she was very young. Supposedly, her mother abandoned them causing her father to commit suicide. She hasnʼt been back to Puerto Rico in a long time and canceled any connection with her past. The sudden appearance of an unidentified womanʼs dead body in the Bronx River awakes her suspicion. Solimar has fallen in love with Roberto and what could be a threat for her itʼs transformed into an erotic drive that she canʼt stop. She has to decide whether to confront Roberto or live with the most terrible doubt.

GENRE: erotic thriller /  DIRECTOR: Ari Manuel Cruz / 102 minutes / Spanish and English